It is Time

Time for us men and women
to meet again in truth,
vulnerability and strength

Agenda Workshops '23-'24

Re-Unite Workshops

Men and Women workshops

We believe that the next step to be taken in human evolution must be done together. Hand in hand. Side by side. Many women have been attending women’s circles. More and more men’s circles are popping up. What would it be like if we were to do the work together?

Please see below the events and workshops that we offer.

  • 1-day& weekend workshops
  • for individuals and couples
  • Sweat lodge ceremonies

Upcoming events and workshops

date: October 6-8, 2023

3-Day Workshop (English)

During this 3-day workshop there is plenty of room have in-depth experiences in how you relate to both men and women on a deeper level. The highlight of this workshop is on days 2 and 3, when we will do the sweat lodge ceremony at a special location in the Netherlands.
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date: Januari 26, 2024

1-Day Workshop (Dutch)

In this workshop you will gain more awareness about what exactly happens within you in connection with the other sex. It will give you very valuable insights about your behaviour, beliefs, emotions and feelings in this connection. We will work together men and women through inquiries, bodywork, sharing exercises, and more.
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date: Feb-May 2024

Masculine Experience Program (online, English)

The Masculine Experience Program is a 4-month program in which you are given powerful tools to reconnect with what masculinity means to you so that you can stand for yourself again as a man.
In truth and dignity.

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Re-Unite Workshops

Connecting with both men and women
from a place of Love

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