3-Day Workshop

To feel that deep connection with life itself again

During the 3-Day workshop you will be able to experience how you relate to men, women and life itself on a deeper level

Going deeper…

In the first day of this workshop we will work together to gain more awareness about what exactly happens within you in that connection with the other. We will do the same exercises as in the 1-day workshop, where we will rotate in groups and in pairs. We will create a context in which you will be able to:

  • increase your awareness of what happens when you connect with your own masculinity or femininity and when you connect with the opposite sex
  • receive and examine your feelings, thoughts, judgments, emotions and sensations
  • to strengthen the connection with your own body, your life energy and your emotional world, so that you can reconnect from your heart with the other in love, acceptance and respect
  • to release everything that stands in the way of experiencing deep intimacy with yourself, the other and life itself, and feel gratitude for that

…and passing through

The second and third day are devoted to a sweat lodge ceremony. Lead by Willem and André we will together set up a beautiful healing ceremony. The ceremony lasts all Saturday and we do everything together: building the sweat lodge, helping the fireman with the preparations, the stone ceremony, the prayer bag ceremony and finally the sweat lodge ceremony itself. We spend the night on location and the next day is all about integration. Then we return home.

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