About us

With the Men and Women Re-Unite Workshops we want to create a loving and safe bedding to encounter each other

Men and women have hurt each other for centuries. We did not see each other, we were not receptive for the other, we treated the other as objects and so on. As a result, our bodies often have stored a lot of fear, anger and grief.

We believe that the work we do is a step towards more collective consciousness.

Love and Gratitude

Pieter Schols

A few years ago I had a burning desire to join a men’s group in my home town. Since there wasn’t one at the time, I started one myself. That was the beginning of a journey for me that led to where I am today. I am grateful to be one of the facilitators of the re-unite team. People see me as insightful, kind and soft-masculine.
My mantra is: love and gratitude

Standing your ground

Roos Severins

After years of doing women’s work and having had so many beautiful women in my life, I wondered where the men were. I realised that on a deep level I was afraid of men, angry with them and I saw that I also rejected the masculine qualities in myself. This was the beginning of a wonderful healing path, in which I first reconnected with my own inner man and then discovered that men are just humans too.
My mantra is: standing your ground

Love and Gratitude

Roos Severins

Na jaren vrouwenwerk gedaan te hebben en ontzettend veel prachtige vrouwen in mijn leven te hebben, vroeg ik me af waar de mannen waren. Ik realiseerde me dat ik op een diepe laag bang was voor mannen, boos was op ze en zag dat ik ook de mannelijke eigenschappen in mijzelf afwees. Dit was het begin van een prachtig helend pad, waarin ik de eerste plaats de verbinding met mijn eigen eigen innerlijke man heb hersteld om vervolgens te ontdekken dat mannen ook gewoon mensen zijn.

Mijn mantra is: standing your ground

comfortable with the uncomfortable

Bryan Goudsmit

When I was 15, I first participated in a personal development workshop that my father led. Since then I have been continuously engaged in this work and for the past two years I have been a facilitator in various workshops and training courses – including the Masculine Experience.
My mantra is: comfortable with the uncomfortable

Daphne de Boer

After many years of inner work I am grateful that I can support people in their own inner exploration for a few years now. My roots are within Tantra and A Course in Miracles.
My focus is finding a deeper connection with yourself, your feelings and with others. I trust in the wisdom of the body and like to listen to what it has to say.
I am often described as soft, playful and empathetic.
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