1 Day Workshop

Only in connection is when it can flow

Our 1 Day workshop offers you the opportunity to consciously experience what really happens within you when you connect with the other sex

Thoughts and Feelings

In this workshop we will work together to gain more awareness about what exactly happens within you in that connection with the other. We will do exercises in groups, but also in pairs (where you regularly change partners). The exercises are not sexual or tantric tinged, but can certainly be experienced as intense. After all, you are invited (and challenged) to share what lives inside you. That can be particular thoughts or judgments, but that can also be feelings or certain physical sensations. It is precisely the intention to give more attention and awareness to this, in a safe context.

Love and Gratitude

What you will learn includes:

  • increasing your awareness of what happens when you connect with your own masculinity or femininity and then what happens when you connect with the other sex,
  • examine your feelings, thoughts, judgments, emotions and sensations,
  • strengthening the connection with your own body, your life energy and your emotional world, so that you can reconnect from your heart with the other in love, acceptance and respect,
  • releasing everything that stands in the way of experiencing deep intimacy with yourself, the other and life itself, and feeling gratitude for that.
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