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This Free-Gift video is for all participants of the
Awakening the Divine Masculine within Program 2022

Join our 4 months online Masculine Experience Program
and experience how to unveil your own manlihood


We have come to a point in our society that we can no longer turn a blind eye to the fact that men – in general – have totally lost connection with themselves. Nor do they know what it means to be a man of service to themselves and to others.

The Masculine Experience Program is a 4 month program in which you will be given powerful tools to reconnect again with what masculinity means for you so that you can stand for yourself again as a man.

In truthfulness and dignity.

Men’s group

We will form a group of men in which you will learn and experience:
– what your ideas of masculinity are based upon and break these ideas down to challenge you whether they still serve you or not
– what it is to take responsibility for the things you think, say and do and how you can align these three to become more congruent
– how to deal with emotions and feelings and how to actually learn from them and use them as a guiding tool
– how to give and receive feedback and what feedback actually means
– and how to be in relationship; first with yourself and then with others (including the other sex)

Authentic man

We are inviting men to reveal every part of themselves that stops them from becoming an authentic man. Especially the dark places, for example problems with addiction, childhood traumas, separations and so on. If we have the courage to reveal these dark places and bring them into the light, we will be able to stand for ourselves and our families again stronger than ever.

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